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Flawless Hoops Volunteer Minor Sign-Up Form

Flawless Hoops
Volunteer (Ages 14 -17)
Minor Sign-Up Form

Type of Community Service Hours Needed (if applicable)
Interested Activities:

I hereby assume responsibility for the above-named minor volunteer, to act as a volunteer for Flawless Hoops. I acknowledge and agree that activities performed by the above-named minor as a volunteer will be performed strictly on a voluntary basis, without any compensation. As a volunteer, agree to abide by the policies and procedures. I understand that all volunteer activities performed as a volunteer will be at the above-named minor own risk and I assume fully responsibility. I will not hold Flawless Hoops and/ or its employees or affiliates responsible for any accident, injury or health problem which may arise from any volunteer work performed for Flawless Hoops. I understand that even when every reasonable precaution is taken, an accident can and will sometimes happen. I hereby consent and authorize the above-named volunteer, and in the case of an emergency consent to the emergency medical treatment on my behalf. I agree that the above-named volunteer may be photographed for publicity purposes. 

I understand that this completed form must be given to Flawless Hoops prior to volunteering.

Minor (Ages 14 - 17) Volunteer Waiver 

Emergency Contact Information:
(If Parent/ Legal Guardian listed above cannot be reached)

Thank you for submitting!

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