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Experience Flawless Hoops

Our mission:

Flawless Hoops will pave the way to opportunities that will shape individual lives for the better

Offer a multitude of affordable activities to provide the chance for all members to experience and reach for their goals & dreams 

Join us for open gyms, leagues, and youth training!


My name is Cedric Foster. I am the founder and director of Flawless Hoops. My ambition to start Flawless Hoops came from the empowering influence basketball has been on my life. I discovered my endless passion for basketball at an early age, spending limitless hours playing with friends. Growing up in the Southeast Side of Chicago, Illinois it was hard being surrounded by an environment full of off-setting temptations, but basketball offered me such a positive drive of motivation and opportunities. This creates my desire to provide the same life changing experience to the youth & young adults of Sheboygan, WI. 

About the Founder
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